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Each modeler is partly a historian, because everyone is interested in finding out the most detailed information about the equipment, which models we build and the historical period in which the real ship, tank or aircraft was created. In this regard, we try to regularly visit various technical museums and exhibitions of real technical to search for interesting items and study the technology alive, capturing the nuances on the photos.

The club archive stores the gigabytes of photos from various Russian and foreign museums that we made in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Latvia, Spain, Malta, the Czech Republic ... We’re trying to publish small reports about each trips on our website and on social media pages.

Of course, if possible, we try to attend exhibitions of military equipment and airshows, because only by “touching” the real, front-line equipment, you get inexplicable inspiration and a desire to translate the prototype into scale.

List of military and technic museums in Moscow and Moscow region

However, Stupino also has something to see to modellers who come to the exhibition:

  • on the Victory Alley are installed: two "Tunguska", BRDM, several guns and howitzers;
  • across the road is a monument to soldiers-internationalists and another BRDM;
  • near one of the hotels - the MiG-23 airplane;
  • not far from the town is a monument to the T-34 tank.

All monuments and technic have 24H free access.

Also, in the area of the Belopesotsky monastery, regularly carried out reconstructions of the battles of the Great Patriotic War are with the involvement of a large number of participants from Russia and the near abroad, as well as restored armored vehicles.

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